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Concentrated Photo Voltaic Panels


Concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) technologies focus large areas of sunlight onto small, high performance solar cells, maximizing output and minimizing cost. Concentrated photovoltaic (or CPV) uses mirrors or lenses to ‘concentrate’ or focus light from a relatively broad collection area onto a small area (as little as 1 cm²) of active semiconductor PV material based on Group III and V elements in the periodic table.


These systems show very high cell conversion efficiencies of over 36 percent. The concentrated photovoltaic modules with the added available ability of automatically tracking the sun’s movement across the sky to within 0.2° of accuracy, enables them to achieve efficiency levels of 20 to 24 percent in terms of electricity production, compared to 15 to 16 percent for modules with conventional silicon cells.

Some features of our CPV solar power systems include:

  • A proprietary cooling system that efficiently manages solar heating
  • A tracking system that maximizes overall reliability in high solar energy environments
  • A solar concentrator design optimized for on-axis and off-axis functionality
  • Ideal for application in remote and adverse conditions (hot desert or tropical environments)

Heat is mostly a problem with concentrated PV systems, since it has to be efficiently dissipated through
complex and expensive cooling techniques. Here this can be converted to a added advantage by using the heat energy collected from the junctions for producing thermal electricity or to heat the water.

A solar tracker can be utilized to increase efficiency by tracking the sunlight automatically.


Concentrated Photovoltaic: How it works


Concentrated Photovoltaic Cell

Concentrated Photovoltaic Panel

Concentrated Photovoltaic Panels

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