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Solar Powered LED Street Lightings


A LED street light is an integrated LED light and photo voltaic panel for power backup that is used as street lighting. Because they are more energy efficient than other technologies used for street lighting, LED street lights can save on the cost of keeping streets well lit during the night.

The lights can be configured to turn on and off between dusk and dawn. And the controller automatically adapts to the changing length of day through the year, to ensure the light switches on and off at the correct times.


Solar LED street lights present the perfect and cost-effective solution for residential streets, parking lots, security, roadways, parking lots and other general area lighting applications.

Solar street lights can be economically viable and efficient in a number of applications, mostly in areas where the cost of providing electricity is expensive or problematic.

Due to their low power consumption and very long life-span, solar LED street lights are a good alternative to LPS (Low Pressure Sodium) or MH (Metal Halide) lamps.

Unlike LPS lamps that produce a yellow-orange light, Solar street lights using LED technology generate a very powerful and targeted crisp white light of excellent quality, which significantly improves color rendition and night visibility


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Solar powered LED street light

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